In the United States, the faces we recognize and the stories we hear are predominantly those of the wealthy and the famous.  Seldom do people take the time to listen to and connect with those who are homeless.  It is because of this pervasive attitude that it becomes easy to have a limiting narrative of how homelessness can occur.  Artists from around the world and the women and men of the Bowery Mission community have come together to transform this narrative. Through generous sharing and the meticulous process of drawing, painting or sculpting the uniqueness of a face, each team of subject and artist invites viewers to face the much more complex reality: that for each of the more than 63,000 people dealing with homelessness in  New York City there is a different story, and a different face.

- Allie Wilkinson, Curator

In partnership with The Bowery Mission

Image: Artist Pairoj Pichetmetakul and Milo put the finishing touches on Milo's portrait. Photo by Brandon Roots